How to Import the Bishops School Calendar into your personal Outlook Calendar as a live feed


  1. Copy the red URL line from the particular calendar you would like to import (found on each of the calendar pages in red)

  2. Right click on your Outlook calendar and choose to add a calendar from the Internet

  3. Paste the URL 


You have now imported a Google Calendar as a new calendar in Outlook. Click on the Send/Receive All Folders button (on the Send/Receive Tab) to update any changes that might have been made to the live Bishops calendar.


Some handy hints:


  • Right click on the imported Bishops calendar to overlay it on top of your calendar
  • “Drag” suitable events from the Bishops Calendar into your own personal Outlook Calendar – please note though, once a calendar event has been dragged into your personal calendar, it will no longer update when you click on the Send/Receive All Folders button 
  • Un-ticking  the imported calendar will hide it from your calendar view
  • In some versions of MS Outlook you may need to deselect the calendar and then re-select it to view events



How to Import  the Bishops School Calendar into your Google Calendar


1.    Log into your Google account


2.    Click on the Google Calendar button in the bottom right hand corner of the Bishops Calendar


3.    Click Yes, add this calendar, when asked if you would like to import this calendar into your Google Calendar 


Please contact should you have any problems.